Our Story

Positively Good For You is a collaboration between GP, author and broadcaster Dr Simon Poole (right) and leading UK food brand innovator, Eddie Stableford.

Born out of a real passion for fabulous, healthy Mediterranean food and a desire to bring the very best from the region to the UK, we both have own love affair with the Med.

Having become aware of the poor and variable quality of mass-produced olive oils we embarked on a quest to find an olive oil which not only tasted as it should but that could deliver the health benefits inherent in high quality, unadulterated oils which have formed the bedrock of the Mediterranean diet, now recognised as the healthiest diet in the world. Simply, the best olive oil for both taste and health.

An oil where the source, harvest date and quality could be guaranteed.  An oil which comes from old trees nurtured without irrigation so that the resulting oil is rich and intense. An oil in which no chemicals are used in cultivation or in production. An oil that is harvested and bottled within hours so it is fresh, vibrant, delicious and full of goodness.

It is this passion, care and attention with no compromise on quality which results in oils of exceptional taste and quality year after year, sourced to meet our strict and unwavering selection criteria, guaranteeing the origin, harvest date and the high level of health-benefiting antioxidants.

Dr Simon Poole

I am an author, broadcaster and full time doctor in general practice in Cambridge, UK and have held several senior positions within the British Medical Association including membership of the Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

I write regularly for journals and media including contributions to publications as diverse as The Guardian, clinical journals such as Nutrition and Food Science and the Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons, “Body Language” and “Cook Vegetarian” on matters related to primary care in medicine and nutrition.

I also regularly speak at and chair conferences attended by physicians, politicians and the food industry on subject matters relating to health, politics and nutrition. This has included the Food and Drinks Innovation Network, The National Association of Primary Care and The Institute of Health Sciences in the USA.

I am an honorary member of the Mediterranean Diet Association of Nicotera and was recently voted into Pulse Magazine’s list of most influential General Medical Practitioners in the UK, described as ‘up and coming’.

My non-commercial website, www.tasteofthemed.com celebrates the nutritional value of foods from the Mediterranean and I’m delighted to say that my book “Positively Good for You” was shortlisted for the international Oldways Gifford Food Writing Award.

Eddie Stableford

I spent many of my childhood summer holidays with my mother’s extended Greek family and enjoyed helping my grandmother create the most amazing recipes in the tiniest, basic kitchen from the simplest of ingredients.

Preparation would start with an early morning visit to the market for fresh vegetables, meat and fish followed by the bakers where gorgeous loaves, still hot would be wrapped in tissue paper. Needless to say a whole loaf never made it home!

Then preparing the vegetables whilst sat on stools in the shade in the garden in readiness for cooking on a single ring, gas hob using local, extra virgin olive oil delivered weekly by the farmer.

The highlight of every day was welcoming friends and relatives for the lunchtime feast as chairs and table space appeared as if by magic out of thin air – as did my grandmother’s delicious food  which we would savour and enjoy accompanied by loud conversation, lots of hand gestures, numerous jokes and local wine – and always followed by fresh, local fruit in season.

A highlight was a visit to my relatives summer houses where they grew their own vegetables, greens, grapes and olives in surrounding fields – producing both wine and olive oil for the family which would just about last through the summer months.

My mother was also a fantastic cook and prepared delicious Greek food and many traditional English dishes with a twist – and always cooked with olive oil once she was able to buy it from the very first Italian and Greek Deli’s in the UK in the mid 60’s.  Before then it was only available in tiny bottles from the chemist as a cure for ear problems!

I really enjoy cooking too, particularly traditional Greek recipes handed down from my grandmother and  my mother but my love of food extends to recipes from across the world.

My early career in advertising combined with my life-long passion for food manifested in the creation of Bryt in 1999, a food innovation and branding agency which now works for many leading UK food businesses and retailers along with clients across the globe. Today, my passion is for understanding why consumers do what they do and how brands can influence and shape their food and lifestyle choices and in particular, how can a balance be created between the enjoyment of food which is a deep-rooted human emotion with food for health.

With many relatives still living across Greece, my annual visits allow me to add to my knowledge of Greek produce, food and culture and to put my fluent Greek into practise.

I regularly presents at industry events on various aspects of food brand creation, consumer trends, design and marketing and have also appeared on radio and television.

Because not all olive oils are the same

American journalist Tom Mueller has written a fabulous book Extra Virginity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC2HJ9OhULg) in which he describes his investigation into the way that mass produced oils are grown, harvested and processed and why you should always buy olive oil from a known source where the origin and quality are guaranteed.