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Here at Positively Good For You we are dedicated to bringing you the very best in Mediterranean Foods, based on our certified, high antioxidant, PDO, first cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, to be enjoyed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are committed to creating opportunities to make the healthy Mediterranean Diet part of everyday life, and to bring you really great tasting foods which are positively good for you.

The science behind the extraordinary benefits of the Mediterranean Diet with olive oil at its heart, combining the flavours of beautiful fruits, vegetables,fish and meat, is well established.

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Our unique Positively Good For You oil is endorsed by UK authorities to comply with the European Food Authority’s health claims guidance, described to enable consumers to understand the health benefits as expressed in the claim.

And its important to know that not all oils are the same as mass production techniques, replanting, harvesting methods and over irrigation causes a significant lowering of the valuable, beneficial antioxidants.

*Olive oil polyphenols include tyrosols, flavonoids, lignans and other phenols. Tyrosols, which constitute the largest proportion of polyphenols have been most studied in research regarding LDL oxidation. Published research shows absolute levels of polyphenols to vary between olive oils depending on various factors. The largest database of polyphenol based research at Phenol-Explorer.EU, along with other sources, cites evidence demonstrating the profiles and ratios between polyphenols to be similar.